About Our Pub

Discover the delights of the taste of Scotland… in Orleans, Ontario.

In 1999 Chris & Jessica Bishop were looking for a local pub to go out and enjoy themselves. Orleans was quite limited then, so as entrepreneurs they decided to bring into play Chris’s Scottish heritage. We strived to create a local Pub for all to gather and enjoy good times. We hold a sincere desire to build a place where locals would find a comfortable “home away from home” we are now a landmark in the Orleans community. Friends and family gather daily in our casual and relaxing atmosphere for a rewarding meal, often returning in the evening to enjoy a sports game with friends. Several dart leagues meet weekly and we sponsor several sports teams that make our nightly crowd eclectic and fun.

The Tartan Pub aims to provide satisfying guest experiences, in our unique Scottish surrounding at great value for your money. We look forward to you visiting us to enjoy a business lunch or dinner or relaxing with friends & family. Our extensive menu will offer something enjoyable for every taste. We offer daily specials and we are known for our “Fish & Chip Fridays.”  Special events will be posted on our main page. We recommend making reservations for larger groups to avoid wait times.

The Tartan Pub is “family friendly” with an attractive children’s menu. We also offer high chairs and are completely wheelchair accessible.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

An Invitation

Anyone wishing to bring in a piece of their family’s Tartan, the Tartan Pub would be more than pleased to frame it with an inscribed plaque and hang it on our Tartan Wall. A symbol of pride for all things Scottish. It is important to us that our customers feel that the Tartan Pub is their pub and take pride in the fact that they will always be warmly welcomed and remembered on every visit. Click here to search for your family tartan.

The History Of Tartan’s

The existence of Scottish Tartans can be traced back to the 7th Century although their origins are rather obscure. The original “Highland Dress” was believed to be worn by the Irish Celts, who later crossed the Irish sea to settle in Scotland. The Kilts basic design was based on the Roman Tunic usually made in linen and dyed saffron yellow. To display rank they marked their skirts with stripes-the more stripes, the higher the rank.

 The Scottish Highlanders favored woolen garments with the preferred colours being purples and blues; the darker colours provided better camouflage to conceal the wearers as they lay down to sleep in the heather. The first unsewn kilt was known as the “Breacan-feile”, the belted plaid. Made of 12 ells (15 yds) of Tartan, the lower part was wrapped round the body and belted. This was a very practical outfit for Highlanders as it left the arms free for fighting, while providing enough loose material to wrap around the body in bad weather and act a simple and efficient sleeping bag when the need presented itself.

 Following the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden, the English government passed the “1747 Act for the Abolition and Proscription of Highland Dress”, which decreed that no man or boy, within that part of Great Britain called Scotland, should wear the plaid or any other item of Highland Dress. This ban was in force for 35 years. The revival of Tartan was boosted 1822 when, on the occasion of King George IV`s visit to Edinburgh, the Clan Chiefs were instructed to wear Highland Dress when summoned to meet the King. To this day Kilts and Tartan fabrics have enjoyed a continued popularity all around the world. The Tartan Kilt is a symbol of pride and honor for families and represents a sense of continuation and stability within a community. In this spirit, The Tartan Pub wishes to create that sense of home and family in serving the community both quality food and drink in a classical pub atmosphere.